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Do You Do The D&O?


Important Director & Officer Insurance Considerations To Lower Risk

The business world has undeniably become a more litigious environment over recent decades. Liability and risk at all levels of business have increased. The suing of Directors and Officers is nothing new, however, the frequency of this action has greatly increased and can even expose company Officers and Board Directors to significant personal liability. It seems that 'piercing the corporate veil' has become more commonplace. As a Director, know the important facts of how to protect yourself.

2PM EST - Wednesday, February 24th 2021

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Modern Board Architecture


The 3 Most Important Board Structural Focus Areas Ensuring Success 

Proper Board architecture considers multiple integrated facets of a Board's appropriate makeup, not solely each individual Board Member's area of professional expertise or experience. ‘Modern Board Architecture’ educates Boards and business leaders on the immense value of properly architecting an experienced and integrated Board of Directors or Board of Advisors. Includes the  topic areas of a Board's:

  • Sphere of Influence

  • Planes of Congruence

  • Coverage & Balance



Board Governance Play Cover.jpg

Exceptional Board Governance


The Foundational Knowledge Elements of True Governance Experts 

Everyone talks governance, but are you truly an expert? Just because you served in roles where governance was expected, this doesn't automatically translate into proficiency or expertise. Join me for a 1-hour crash course on the history, evolution, and application of proper governance principles. It could possibly equate to a major turning point in your career...

  • Governance Background

  • Governance Prerequisites

  • Values & Governance

  • Governance Thought Leadership




Becoming The Strategic Executive


The Foundational Knowledge Elements of True Strategy Experts 

Whether you are an experienced or aspiring Board Director or C-Level Executive, proper foundational strategy insight is a must. Watch this recorded webinar to learn about the history, evolution, and effective application of modern-day strategy to elevate your success. 

  • History & Evolution of Strategy

  • Effective Strategy Application



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Ensure Seat Board.jpg

Ensuring Your Seat on the Board


In a collaboration between M. A. Pfister Strategy Group's CEO & Chief Board Consultant Mark A. Pfister and Boardsi's CEO Martin Rowinski, the successful roadmap of steps to increase your chances of getting to the all-important Board Candidate interview, and then to the boardroom, are succinctly laid out in an easily followed chronology of focus areas.

  • Preparing Your Expertise, Experience, & Certifications

  • Proper Board Candidate Packaging

  • Acing your Board Interview



Crisis Strategy:  Successfully Pivoting Your Personal Strategy in Times of Change


Strategies are truly tested during times of crisis, and most often, they are tweaked or reworked to clearly align with reset goals. Companies do it to align efforts and direction, so what about your personal strategy? You know, the goals (what) and strategy (how) that you should have to reach your personal aspirations... these are just as important!


M. A. Pfister Strategy Group's CEO & Chief Board Consultant Mark A. Pfister and 40Strategy's CEO Carl J. Cox join forces for a clear and no-nonsense look at how to realign your thought process to support your personal goals, aspirations, and strategy in times of crisis.

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What Is Strategy?: Keynote Introduction at Cascade Strategy's Global Conference


What exactly is strategy? An age-old question that has plagued all levels of organizations across all industries.


Starting with the amazing 2,500 years of strategy history and its evolution to present day application, the true definition, usefulness, and advantages of proper 'strategy' is clearly reached.

Is your strategy knowledge up to speed?

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OnBoard On-Demand Webinar:

Building an Effective Board of Directors


Passageways, creator of the OnBoard Board portal software, hosted guest speaker 'The Board Architect,' Mark A. Pfister, CEO & Chief Board Consultant of M. A. Pfister Strategy Group and Chairman & CEO of Integral Board Group, a specialized Board services and consulting company. In this webinar Mark draws on his long career sitting on and advising Boards, exploring the importance of creating a Board at any stage of business growth and provides a step-by-step roadmap to successfully plan and build an effective Board.

  • How to align your Board with your values, vision, and mission

  • Board Member evaluation & selection

  • The background and need for governance

  • The history and importance of strategy

  • What makes a great Board?

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Using Strategy for Difficult Times

...But What Exactly is Strategy?


The founder of Mindfulness Intelligence, Linda Bjork, gets to pick the brain of Strategist and Board Expert Mark A. Pfister on how to think about strategy and the use strategy in times of crisis - and beyond.


From the facebook group for Executives 'How To Win In Leadership Without Losing Yourself.'

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