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Becoming an Exceptional Board Director Candidate

Education & Certification Course

International Board Director Competency Designation (IBDC.D)


Get the modern Board Director Candidate packaging AND modern Board operations knowledge all in one shot while ALSO earning your globally-recognized International Board Director Competency Designation (IBDC.D) certification. Remember, the key to landing additional or your first Board seat is in your packaging - make the effort to do it right....  (learn more)

Tired of recommending outside and unaffiliated education & certification programs to your employees, associates, clients, or members? Want an additional revenue stream or a discounted learning option for your organization with no investment? Now it is possible. Simply 'bolt-on' our globally recognized, ready-built, and robust education & certification program to form your internal Learning & Development (L&D) program or new line of business revenue stream... (learn more)

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