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IBDC.D Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credit
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  • Additional Education: You can submit formal education courses, programs, certifications, or certificates for IBDC.D CPE credit consideration from outside IBDC.D when the learning relates to senior leadership, Board Directorship, strategy and/or governance. Rules for consideration when submitting: 

    • Must be a formal education course, program, certification or certificate program.

    • Each instance of outside/additional education will earn 2 IBDC.D CPE credits with a maximum allowable of 4 per each 3-year recertification period.

    • Does not include webinars, lectures, summits, meetings or gatherings of this sort outside of IBDC.D hosted events.

    • Submission acceptance is retroactive from January 1st 2024 in situations where the course was completed after this date or the certification / certificate was issued after this date.

    • IBDC.D CPE credit acceptance of this category is fully up to the discretion of the IBDC.D evaluator once submitted.

    • Always expect to receive a response within 48 hours of submission for acceptance / denial of any and all IBDC.D CPE credit requests.

  • Carryover: Up to 5 IBDC.D CPE credits (above your required 15 IBDC.D CPEs from the previous adjacent recertification period) will carry over into your subsequent 3-year recertification period. These carryover CPE credits are not classified, so you have a fresh start on all classifications and maximums on criteria submissions.

  • Performance Coaching: For IBDC.D graduates enrolled in our Performance Coaching program, 2 IBDC.D CPE credits will be applied each month with no limitations or maximums.

  • Board Documents Support: For any IBDC.D graduate enrolled in either Level 1 or Level 2 Board Documents Support, 2 IBDC.D CPE credits will be applied.

IBDC.D CPE Submission Guidelines for Live Webinars & Lectures:

  • For live webinars and lectures hosted directly by M. A. Pfister Strategy Group, there is no need to email to submit your CPEs – we already have your attendance record. You still do, however, need to email when claiming CPE credit for viewing recorded IBDC.D CPE-approved webinars, podcasts, and lectures (see above). Note: you should always expect a response email confirming that your IBDC.D CPE credit(s) have been applied for both live and recorded webinars.


  • For IBDC.D CPE-approved webinars, podcasts, lectures, & events hosted by our affiliates or our global Board Education and Certification (DCM) + Learning & Development (L&D) Partners, you always have to email to submit your CPEs. Note: you should always expect a response email confirming that your IBDC.D CPE credit(s) have been applied for both live and recorded sessions.


Note: Every Live Webinars & Lectures IBDC.D CPE opportunity notification email is marked with who the host is and the submission criteria for that webinar is highlighted.

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