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What is our Distributed Certification Model (DCM) + Learning & Development (L&D) Program Integration

and how does it benefit your organization?


Tired of recommending outside and unaffiliated Board Director education & certification programs to your employees, associates, clients or members? Want an additional revenue stream or a discounted learning option for your organization with no investment? Now it is possible.

Simply 'bolt-on' our recognized and ready-built Board Director education & certification program.

Many organizations want their employees, associates, clients, and members to obtain executive and Board-related education and certification, but find they must either recommend outside and unaffiliated organizations to satisfy this requirement, or attempt to create their own robust program. For most organizations, the in-house ability to create such a program does not exist, the sizeable investment in creating the program is not available, and the time required to implement and manage a globally recognized education/certification is not viable. To-date, the only other available option has been to recommend unaffiliated certification institutions to handle this requirement. The measurable opportunity losses for your organization due to this ‘hand-off’ are immense, including lost revenue opportunities, missed ongoing marketing prospects, and limited ‘customer stickiness’ (propensity of customers to return to your product or use it more frequently), to name just a few.

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M. A. Pfister Strategy Group has solutioned this challenging dilemma for organizations facing this predicament. No longer must a decision be made between two limiting options. Our unique, industry-defining Distributed Certification Model (DCM) + Learning & Development (L&D) Program Integration puts you back in the driver’s seat!

DCM Partner Brochure

(Want more details on the IBDC.D course, curriculum, & certification? Click here)

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